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How to Make Your Car More Eco-Friendly

Monday, November 20th, 2017

More and more people are becoming more environmentally-conscious and making sure multiple aspects of their lives go “green”.  Car companies have also made their part in saving the planet by developing technology to reduce fuel emissions in the form of electric and hybrid cars. Wondering if you can live greener even if you don’t own a Tesla? Go Green: How to make your car more eco-friendly!

While having an electric or hybrid car might not be the best fit for you or your budget, you can still make your car as eco-friendly as possible. Let’s get started!

Follow these tips to keep your car “green”:

  • Keep up with your car’s maintenance – If your car runs well and efficiently thanks to regular tune-ups, your car will release fewer emissions and ultimately use less gas.
  • Buy eco-friendly tires and keep your tires properly inflated. Your car’s tires can keep you safe on the road and improve your gas mileage when they are properly inflated. By buying eco-friendly tires, which use environmentally conscious materials, you are taking a step in the green direction and contributing to making a cleaner planet.
  • Get rid of extra weight – The heavier your car, the more gas you will use. Make sure to keep only the essentials in your car to avoid making your car heavier.
  • Avoid idling  – Make sure to turn off your car if you are parked for longer than a minute.
  • Use your air conditioner less – Air conditioning systems use a lot of gas. Unless it’s the middle of the summer, you can probably afford to roll down the windows.
  • Carpool – Do you live near coworkers? You can cut your gas usage significantly by organizing a schedule and carpooling with co-workers.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to make your trusted, reliable car as eco-friendly as possible.


How to Find the Vehicle That’s Right For You

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

If you’re in the market for a vehicle, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. With almost an infinite amount of vehicles to choose from and places to look in, are you left wondering how you can find the vehicle that’s right for you?

Do you need a car that has plenty of interior space? Is fuel-efficiency important to you? What color best reflects your personality? These are all valid questions when looking for your next car. In order to make your decision-making process easier, we have compiled a list of tips you should keep in mind when buying your next vehicle:


That flashy BMW may be the car of your dreams, but can you afford it? Once you have developed a budget and know how much you are willing to spend on a vehicle, your choice will become more clear and you can narrow down your search. (Here’s a simple tool to get you started!)


Everyone uses their car for a different purpose and are looking to satisfy different needs. One person may have a long commute to work and need something more fuel-efficient, while someone else may need a hefty vehicle capable of carrying a heavy load. In order to get the right vehicle, you need to consider what kind of features would make your life easier.


Once you have decided on a make and model that will satisfy your needs and not break the bank, your search is essentially over. However, we advise you to keep your mind open and do some research on other models in the same class as your preferred vehicle. Sales take place all the time and you might get a better deal on a car that may not be your first choice but shares a lot of features with your dream vehicle.

If you follow these tips, the search for your next vehicle will be painless and quicker than you think. Good luck on your search!