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What to Look for When Buying Your First Car

Monday, September 3rd, 2018

If you’re tired of ridesharing or using public transportation on your daily commute, buying your first car may be the important decision you need to make.

How exciting! Buying your first car may trigger many emotions, the process of acquiring a vehicle might sound scary due to the responsibility that being a car owner entails, the stress of finding a vehicle that fits your needs & paying for it at a fair price.  Fear not my friend, here is an effective guide of what to look for when purchasing your first car:


Now that you’ve established that you need a car, the first issue to address is how much will it cost you & if you’re able to afford it. Keep in mind that your budget should include the cost of the car, insurance, maintenance, fuel, and taxes to name a few. If you’re not able to pay the full amount of your car, financing is the next best option to purchase your car & build credit.

Another thing to consider is that buying a used car can be a great choice when trying to save money, plus a used car could mean a better car at a lower price. Whatever your budget is, you need to make sure you can afford to pay for it otherwise it could lead to headaches in the long run.

Needs vs Wants

We all have a dream car, but we need to be realistic when looking for one in order to take the best out of it: Do you need it to commute? Do you have a big family? Do you need to transport heavy items? Are you going to travel long distances with it? These are only a few questions you need to consider before making a list of what you’re looking in a car.

Once you’ve answered these questions it’s going to be easier for you to decide body, make and model of your future ride.

Research & Test

You’ve made your choice now you’re actually looking for your car, How fun! After all the planning, now it’s time to step out and go get it, the best advice we can give you is to explore your options, ask questions & check everything works the way it should.

An essential thing to do while looking for a car is to drive it before actually buying it: A car might sound perfect for you in theory but it might feel different while driving it.


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