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How to Protect Your Vehicle From Sun Damage

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

The bold Texas sun can damage your car’s paint job in a matter of just a couple years. This decreases the value of your car and also makes the car look lackluster, and dull. To avoid sun damage and keep your paint job shiny and new, follow these four steps!

Wash It

Wash your car often, cleansing it of the grime and pollution that can get baked into the paint. To do this, purchase a soft cotton mitt to prevent scratches, and an automotive cleaning product. Do not use dish detergent because it will  strip your paint job overtime. Also, do not wash your vehicle in direct sunlight  or it will dry the car in uneven places and leave streaks. Even if you have dead bugs or other tough deposits, never scratch your car! Use a clay bar instead. It will quickly and efficiently get rid of those spots without leaving a scratch behind.

Dry It 

Make sure you dry your car thoroughly with a cotton rag or towel of some sort. Some people think drying a car isn’t necessary, but when your car dries on its own, minerals from the water evaporation process can build up and damage the paint job over time. The sun can also cause streaks in the paint if the car is not dried all over.

Wax It

To really protect your car’s paint job, try waxing it with a liquid sealant. This is a much quicker and more effective way than dry waxing.  Waxing protects the paint from most pollutants, and also fights off UV rays. It basically acts as sunscreen, but for your car. If you choose not to wax, grime could build up and end up damaging your paint job.

 Purchase Protection Film 

Lights can become yellowed and grimy from the Texas sun. There are multiple ways to fix this, but to prevent it,  try an auto pain protection film. This translucent film can also cover your whole car if you wish. It acts as a direct barrier against the sun.

No car is immune from the damaging effects of the sun, but with these steps you can make the value of your car last a lot longer by protecting its paint job! Try them out!

How to Increase Your Credit Score With Drive Casa

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

Is it really possible to get better credit by financing a used car? The answer is yes! When you’re struggling with credit issues and know you need a better car, it’s easy to feel hopeless…But there is hope! Here at Drive Casa, we are a Buy Here Pay Here dealership that specializes in financing those who don’t have credit or have bad credit.  Continue reading to learn how buying a used car can improve your credit over time! 

Establishes a Line of Credit

If you don’t have any credit built up, financing a used car can help establish a line of credit! As long as you are proactive with your payments, your credit will build overtime.

Pay On Time, Every Time

Paying loans like mortgages, student loans, or car loans on time can increase your overall credit score greatly! We will work with you to find a car payment that fits your budget so it’s easy for you to make your car payment on time each month.

However, if you do not pay your car note on time, it can decrease your credit score.

Check Your Credit Score 

When you apply for an auto loan, we’ll go over your credit report with you to make sure everything is accurate. The Federal Trade Commission has found that 5% of consumers have mistakes on the credit reports that affect their overall credit score. You can contest errors that you may find on your credit score. It is important to make sure that your credit report is accurate, removing any errors can improve your overall score.

Interested? Visit our website to get pre approved today or to browse our large inventory!

5 Signs You Need to Buy Another Vehicle

Friday, March 1st, 2019

Is it time for you to purchase another vehicle? Continue reading to find out! If any of the below apply to you, then it’s probably time to go car shopping!

Your Trips to the Auto Repair Shop Are More Expensive

You always take your car in for regular oil changes and maintenance, but now you notice those trips are getting more expensive. At around 120,000 miles, cars begin to show their age by needing new timing belts or water pumps, among many other potentially expensive repairs. Putting that money into a good used car might make better sense than spending $1,000 each time you drive to the repair shop.

You Doubt the Reliability of Your Car

When you get in your car and pray you make it each time you head to a destination, it’s a sign that it’s time for another car. You’ll save yourself some stress when you know you have reliable transportation.

You Are More Safety Conscious

If you’re driving a car that is old and has minimal safety features, it may be time to upgrade. Modern safety equipment on cars include driver, passenger, and side airbags, as well as anti-lock brakes and traction control. Upgrading to a newer car is one way to keep you and your family safe on the road.

Your Finances Change

That SUV you bought when you were making six figures may be tough to afford once your finances have changed. This has been the case for many Americans in the past few years. Until you get back on your feet, trade it in for something that better suits your new budget. Stop making those high car payments and keep some of it for those essentials you need to cover right now.

You Need to Build Up Credit

If you have had difficulty with your credit, such as a bankruptcy or late payments, then buying a used car can help. Used car dealerships, especially  Buy Here Pay Here dealerships like ours, specialize in helping people with credit problems. We can help you finance a great quality vehicle when other dealerships will turn you down because of your credit. As long as you pay your car payment on time each and every month, your credit will build overtime!

If you’ve experienced any of these scenarios with your current car, it’s time to start looking for a different one. Browse our inventory today or contact us for more information!