Faith Family Academy Community Partnership

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Drive Casa Faith Family Academy Community Partnership

Drive Casa is more than a used car dealership. Drive Casa is an integral part of the community where we do business. We are here to make our world a better place to live, work and play. Through this core principle, Drive Casa is a proud sponsor of Faith Family Academy (FFA) which is located minutes from our Marvin D. Love location in Oak Cliff.

FFA is a public, open enrollment charter school district, serving grades Pre-K through 12, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Faith Family Academy’s mission is to empower and educate the whole child for lifelong success as a responsible citizen in the community. FFA provides an exemplary education for a diverse student body by emphasizing positive self-esteem, high academic standards, an appreciation for the fine arts, and civic responsibility.

Drive Casa is a proud sponsor of FFA’s Perfect Attendance Contest for the 2016-2017 year. For each cycle of school that a high school student has perfect attendance, he or she will be entered for one chance to win a car from Drive Casa. There are 6 cycles in a school year, so a student with perfect attendance all year will have their name entered 6 times.

Superintendent Mollie Purcell is thrilled with the results the school has seen already this year. “This year we’ve seen an increase in attendance and in perfect attendance,” Purcell said. “Obviously, if a student is not in school, they’re not going to learn. We try to get them to see the value of coming to school.” This new initiative has already shown a major increase of almost 2 percentage points in high school student attendance rate at Faith Family, which was more than double what Faith Family had initially set as their goal for this school year.

On Thursday, May 25th a drawing will be held to randomly select the winner of a high-quality used car from Drive Casa, which will be given directly to the winning student or family. During this dramatic giveaway event, qualifying students will be given keys and take turns trying to unlock the car & start the engine. Drive Casa has also participated in FFA’s Health Fair twice, and sponsored a backpack give-away for the school.

According to Drive Casa co-owner, Streeter Berry, “We are thrilled to be part of an initiative that encourages kids to go to school every day, and we are even more thrilled that Faith Family has seen such positive results in their attendance this year. So many of our customers are hard-working families, just like the families of students at FFA, so it’s been amazing to watch the increase in attendance for the school as we rolled this contest out. We love our customers and our community, and we are proud to be part of the Perfect Attendance Contest.”

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